2018 Byron Bay Surf Festival

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The Byron Bay Surf Festival is an amazing event bringing together surfers from all over the world for a weekend of stoke and celebration of all things surf culture.

After a solid 4 days of rain we didn't think there would be any hope for the final day of the Byron Bay Surf Festival Freestyle Surf & Stoke Sessions. But as morning broke, so did the clouds and we were blessed with a sunshine filled although somewhat windy day.

Below are a few shots from Sunday's fun. The girls were out in force, looking stylish in the line up, many in apparel, using sunscreen, wax and sunglasses and hats all available in store at Sea Bones. 

Labels include, Atmosea, Salt Gypsy, Sea Bones, Lore Of The Sea, Dolphin Love Swim, Will & Bear Hats, Good Surf Wax, We Are Feel Good Inc Sunscreen and many more.

Photos by Ming Nomchong

Enjoy xx


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