Dirty Girls

July 11, 2017

Dirty Girls

We hadn’t heard about Dirty Girls until today, when a rad bloke suggested we check it out. After jumping online and having a squiz we learned that it was a travelling film festival showcasing adventurous women from around world.


Being that this is our jam, we quickly connected the crew to find out more.

“Historically many women have told the story of their adventure through books rather than film. Now, slowly, the tide is changing. More women are getting sponsorship, and have the budget to make films. There are more females behind the camera as well which means the tone and pace of adventure film story telling is also evolving.”

Local lady Lauren Hill, whose film Pear Shaped, unveils the humour to the “issues” faced when battling nip slips and the like, is part of the line up of films on the evening. 


One of the many adventures from the film festival, Dirty Girls. #adventure #women

Although these women are conquering adrenaline fuelled feats, we did wonder if it's all as easy as it sounds. “The biggest obstacles of women in adventure: to be taken seriously.  By brands they are seeking sponsorship from, from male adventurers, from outdoor media.  The number of sponsored female adventure athletes is so small compared to men.  This means they don't get the opportunity to go on as many adventures and if they do self fund their adventure they don't have the budget to make a film about it.”

An epic peak conquered. #adventure #women


The festival is hitting locations around Australia and will be in Byron on Tuesday, the 18th of of July at the Byron Bay Community Centre. Find out more here