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Meet Molly who joined us at the beginning of this year after returning to Byron after a small (4 year) hiatus around the world. 

SB: Where is your favourite surf break?

M: A perfect right hand point break that I was lucky enough to live down the road from in Morocco 

SB: What board are you currently riding?

M: 8'4" rolled Vee from Vouch 

SB: What do you like to spend your spare time doing?

M: I love playing the guitar and at the moment I am learning from a friend how to reupholster furniture. I love reading in the sun and surfing with mates.

SB: From where do you draw inspiration?

M: Life on the road and bygone eras 

SB: Current favourite film?

M: Frida! Or Nocturnal Animals  

SB: Have you been reading any good books lately?

M: I love anything by Murakami. Currently reading Kafka on the shore  I also just finished one of Patti Smith's books, Devotion. She is incredible. 

SB: What is your favourite music to play in the shop?

M: Reverberation Radio playlists - an eclectic mix of african disco, 60's garage rock and some weird worldy tunes. 

SB: What environmental or social issue hits closest to home for you?

M: Loss of biodiversity through poor human decisions. 

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