Meet the Seabones Team: Gretta

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Meet Gretta - the happy-go-lucky, ceramic obsessed blonde bombshell we have work in the store and behind the scenes here at Seabones. 

SB: Where is your favourite surf break?

G: It's a secret... shh!

SB: What board are you currently riding?

G: 9'2 from Craig Gillespie

SB; What do you like to spend your spare time doing?

G: Playing with clay... I'm pretty obsessed with pottery at the moment.

SB: From where do you draw inspiration?

G: EVERYWHERE! Especially nature. The ocean, grains in the wood, my friends and of course my imagination.

SB: Current favourite film?

G: Walk the line

SB: Have you been reading any good books lately?

G: 'Just kids' by Patti Smith. I just read it for the third time.

SB: What is your favourite music to play in the shop?

G: Guts, The Babe Rainbow, Pokey Lafarge

SB: What environmental or social issue hits closest to home for you?

G: Marine Debris - get the pollution out of the sea!

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