Meet the Sea Bones team: Mascha

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Meet Mascha, a new friendly face here in Sea Bones. In love with surfing, community and always having a good time, we think Mascha is the absolute dream girl to be running the show in our Byron Bay Store. 

Sea Bones Team Member: Mascha #coastalconceptstore #byronbay

SB: Where is your favourite surf break? 

I know its so cliche but I learned how to surf at the Pass and even if its worse than traffic in Asia I still love it. Also Crescent Head and Batu Karas in Java.

SB: What board are you currently riding?

Gato Heroi - Playboy Model - Shaped by Robin Kegel 

SB: What do you like to spend your spare time doing? 

Surfing as much I can, eating lots of delicious food, dancing to funky tunes, going on surf camping trips up/down the Coast, having lots of fun and enjoying life everyday.

SB: From where do you draw inspiration? 

Mostly from all the incredible Superwomen in Byron Bay and all over the world. Also I love hanging out with elderly people, I feel their life stories and experience are so far away from our Generation

SB: Current favourite film? 

Three Billboards outside of Ebbing, Missouri

 SB: Have you been reading any good books lately? 

The Fountainhead 

SB: What is your favourite music to play in the shop? 

Molly's Playlists

 SB: What environmental or social issue hits closest to home for you?

The way Immigration works in Australia and many other Countries. That people like you and me loosing their homes and end up in Refugee Camps for several years without any solution. The world has too many Borders.

Beautiful photo by Kim Akrigg

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