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A constant ray of sunshine, you will find Cass and her side kick Ulu down at Wategoes early every morning before working either in here or for Sunshine and the Eccentrics, her boutique agency. 

SB: Where is your favourite surf break? 

C: Ah this question!! I suppose around the Bay, Wategos. I like to paddle out early to the cape and sit with the local dolphins, have a lovely quiet still moment with them, then paddle in and attempt to find a sneaky left. It's not just about the waves for me, it's the nature that surrounds and the sea creatures that visit. 

SB: What board are you currently riding?

C: It depends on the swell.. Nettleton 6"10 duet or 9"4 fluent. 

SB: What do you like to spend your spare time doing?

C: If i'm not in the ocean you'll find me at home pottering around on the farm with my fur babe, Ulu heart.  

SB: From where do you draw inspiration? 

C: My greatest teacher, Mother Ocean. Solitude nature time. Ulu. My friends - they play a massive roll in my life. I'm very grateful to be surrounded by so many creative, caring, fun loving independent women... And my male friends too. Tapping out and going inwards. Feeling all the feelings and listening to them. Like when I'm feeling low, I sit with it, allow and when I come out i'm like oh yeah that's what this is and now i'm going to keep moving forward, day by day. I like to write too, especially when i'm in my hermit modus. I don't like complacency, so when I feel a little stuck and un-motivated I'll book a flight or hit the road south and re-boot. Travelling to new or familiar surrounds always feeds my soul.   

SB: Current favourite film? 

C: Haven't been watching films of late, more so the tv series Outlander. I have a slight case of OCD and can watch it over and over. 

SB: Have you been reading any good books lately? 

C: Outrageous Openess. By Tosher Silver. 

SB: What is your fav music to play in store? 

C: Molly's play list.. hazy lazy dirty lovely slow mornings eating summer stone fruit drinking black coffee 

SB: What environmental or social issue hits closest to home for you?

C: Over development - NO West Byron. Household consumerism/waste and the ignorant need for more, more, more. 

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