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Opia is a label we stumbled upon earlier this year. We were drawn to it by the coastal lifestyle it conveys through it’s choice of fabric, earthy tones and the way it falls delicately on the female body.

Sophie celebrated Opia’s first year last weekend at Splendour. After settling in Byron, Sophie took her love, experience and skills to create her handmade collection.

“I started by sewing everything myself. My mum taught me to sew when I was young, starting with teddy bears. And then it went from that to clothes.”

Her influences over the years have included upcycling clothing in London and Melbourne; which is why aiming towards sustainable and ethical pieces runs deep within Opia.

Today, the independent label has grown beyond Sophie’s sewing machine and is tailored by a team of brothers in Indonesia. Producing only small quantities, Sophie has stuck to her manufacturing values.

“Its hugely important to know who makes my clothes. It was always my intent when I stopped upcycling vintage clothes to create a label or identity. I identify as a seamstress- if I was going to be passing on the workload it had to be the right person.”


“Timeless in any wardrobe, Opia remains unaffected by the ever changing trends of todays fashion.” www.opia.com.au


Photos courtesy of @opiabyronbay Instagram

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