Red Moon Rising & Samantha Dewhurst

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As part of the Sea Bones Social Club, we love getting to know inspiring girls not only in our community here in Byron Bay, but all over the world! This is Samantha, surfer & artist who has recently made a short film that encompasses everything we are about.

What does the day in the life of Samantha look like?
Morning Sun salutations...followed by a surf check and wave at any local break around the home town, Cronulla.
Then it's either...designing / filming or teaching.

Through graphic design I work mainly on branding projects, helping individuals bring their ideas to life!
Creating with others on projects they are passionate about is my bread and butter.

I am also lucky enough to gain experience and work in the film industry as well, through small t.v shows, commercials or short films. Whether your in studio or on location, there's always something new to learn and great people to meet.

Yoga and surfing go hand in hand...now teaching at a local studio casually I'm really loving the ability to give back to the community and share something I love. 

How old were you when you started surfing?
First memory of laying on the front of my dads rescue board as a wee toddler...but first "green wave" was probably around the age of 11 on a nipper board. 
Shortly after that I gave nippers the flick...
What boards are in your quiver?
Local shaper PCC crafts most of my sleds, he is a wizard with shape and colour.
9"0 Log 
6"10 Single Fin
5"4 Mini Simmons
5"10 Almerick Black/White
I use whatever I need...to have the most fun.

Favourite wave?
Can I say the stretch of Coast line from Sydney to The Gold Coast.....soo many gems! 
We truly live in such an amazing country. 

Current favourite song?
We Are The Ones by Tuppaware Party.
Shelly Fitzpatrick is one talented queen who enjoys party waves too. 
Any trips planned?
Just idea's at the moment....somewhere a steamer isn't needed would be nice! aha

Life motto?
Keep dancing. 
Concept behind Red Moon Rising?
It was a passion project that my partner Cameron and I worked on...it really just evolved into something that needed to be shared.

We can get soo caught up in the virtual world and our attention spans are soo short, it was really humbling to hold the premier night and make that connection with people, rather than just posting it for world wide web to embrace.

Tell us about the premier?
It was a groovy night, that brought out the groms, older guys and families which was lovely to see!
The art studio located as part of PCC Surfboards board shaping factory was: intimate, dim and a little dusty. Which was the perfect recipe for: Wine, beer, surfboards and good conversation.

It ended with someone serenading the last few people with flute playing...all in all good times.
 And an important side note: Samantha looks absolutely killer in our yellow Cropped flares, back in stock in all sizes soon! 
The best surfer is the one having the most fun! Samantha Dewhurst for #seabonesbyronbay The best surfer is the one having the most fun! Samantha Dewhurst for #seabonesbyronbay The best surfer is the one having the most fun! Samantha Dewhurst for #seabonesbyronbay The best surfer is the one having the most fun! Samantha Dewhurst for #seabonesbyronbay All stills from the trip whilst shooting Red Moon Rising by Sam Venn

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