SEA SPACE - Her Lands opening party

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We look for any opportunity to get together and crack some beers. This time we had several. It was Splendour weekend, friends from afar were camped out on our couches and Maxwell Finch was holding his first local exhibition, Her Lands. 

Her Lands, as per Max, is "a series of environmental portraits from the last six months and its all about the strong feminine- women and their connection the land and how it empowers them."

When we first saw the photographs I was blown away by the beauty Max identified in a woman. Dressed in nothing, the women's gracious silhouette is captured in a way that communicates to me, just how beautiful the female form truly is. 

Max says that the story is in the zine puts a more personalised touch to the collection.  The prints stand alone while the zine ties them all together as a narrative featuring "a beautiful collections of words by the girls in the photos". 

Come in and check our his work. The work is mounted on our walls for the next month or so and there are only ten prints per photograph available.

Prints and zines available in store.


Photos by Alex Tracey

Big thanks to Stone & Wood and Treehouse Cider

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