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How did you get started? 

When I was little I always knew I either wanted to be a vet or a designer. After school I studied fashion design and technology and began a ready to wear label, and was stocking in a few shops in my home town. I then went to uni for a few years, I was studying to be a vet…I wasn’t happy there so I came back to creating. I wouldn't change anything. When I started my business I was so naive, which I think actually helped a lot. I had no money and no fear, I knew what I wanted and just went for it. 

What have been some challenges in your business and how have you overcome them?

Finding the right manufacturer. Without a doubt this has been one of our biggest roadblocks. In the beginning I used to sew for 18 hours a day just to keep up with the demand. We finally found the right one, however it took about 12 months of searching and sampling to find them. The swim market is also now so highly saturated, there are brands popping up everywhere - you really have to be producing something different to stand out.

What's your greatest victory to date?

Jerry Seinfeld bought bikinis from us for his daughter! At first I thought someone was just having a good old go when I saw an order come through from Jerry Seinfeld, then I (naturally) did some googling of the order details, and found out they were for his daughter, Sascha.

Sophie Blayden swimwear featured on Sea Bones blog | www.seabonesbyronbay.com | Women's coastal concept store Byron Bay #seabonesbyronbay

Words you live by or best advice you've received?

Treat the janitor with the same respect as the CEO. Or the waiter with the same respect as you would your grandfather. Treat everyone equally. I think a great judge of character depends on how one treats people in the service industry. Be good and use your manners always. Pick up your rubbish and recycle properly. Look after the earth and don't eat animals.

Favourite weekend activity?

Going to a deserted beach to camp, spending the entire day reading, swimming, patting dogs and recharging, then sleeping under the stars at night.


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