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We love Charlie from Wolf Pack, our beautiful leather supplier, and we thought it would be nice to share a little more about this incredible lady with you. 


What does the day in the life of Charlie look like? 

I open my eyes, do some stretching then drink some coffee while taking a moment to appreciate the land we live on in Possum Creek. I then feed the girls (cows) our vege scraps from the night before and get a surf in if possible before heading into the studio to hand-stitch some leather orders. 

Favourite Board to ride? Favourite Break? 

Oooooo board… that’s a hard one. I generally alternate between a couple of twin fins and singles made by two close friends- Abe Barrett (Stag&Son) & Hannah Magnall (Ways Away Surfboards). Both these humans are great shapers & have contributed to my huge quiver that fills a whole car to move. HA, bit ridiculous when it comes to moving house.

 Favourite break – South of Puerto on the west coast of Mexico. The waves are so insane over there that my friend and I stayed in a little town for 8 months about 6 years back. In the whole time we only had one day we didn’t have perfect waves. It was crazy & I guess that’s why we found it so hard to leave. 

I want to name one in Australia, Lennox Point. Who doesn’t love it. 

What is the concept behind Wolf Pack Leather & how did it come to life? 

I’ve always had a love for antiques & old leather because of the high quality & lasting nature that has followed. When I was looking for a high quality leather collar for my puppy 5 years ago, I could not find anything that met what I wanted. That was the moment I decided to learn my craft & I loved the feeling of fulfilment with the end product so much, that I decided to make a business out of it. The aim for Wolf Pack Leather on a whole is to provide the best quality and if looked after, my pieces can outlive most on the market. Maybe even sit on a shelf & re-sold as a vintage leather piece one day! I want people to find the value in spending a little extra on something better, which will lead to less consumerism.  

A motto you live by?

Be true, kind & real. If you’re not real, you are faking it & that’s completely see-through to someone who is being real. 

Current favourite song?

September Fields by Frazey Ford. 

Charlie from Wolf Pack one of #seabonesbyronbay #local #supplier

Charlie from Wolf Pack one of #seabonesbyronbay #local #supplier Charlie from Wolf Pack one of #seabonesbyronbay #local #supplier Charlie from Wolf Pack one of #seabonesbyronbay #local #supplier Charlie from Wolf Pack one of #seabonesbyronbay #local #supplier Charlie from Wolf Pack one of #seabonesbyronbay #local #supplier Charlie from Wolf Pack one of #seabonesbyronbay #local #supplier

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