Atmosea-versatile womens's wetsuits for all body types. Celebrating surf mermaids around the globe. The feeling of freedom, passion and lifestyle as the atmosphere touches the sea. 
website atmosea.com.au
1. How did you get started?
I started making wetsuits as an art project, you can see my first one here called THE SURFING ALIEN. This was a really fun project and combined with my life-long love of surfing, it was an easy choice for me to start Atmosea.

2. What have been some challenges in your business and how have you overcome them?
Time has been the biggest challenge so far. Juggling full time work with your full time dream is the hardest! I haven't come across any time machines yet, so I haven't been able to overcome this. But I don't mind because I love my work AND Atmosea. Having awesome, shredding gurf-friends to help along the way has been amazing and a testament to the epic humans we have in Byron!
3. What's your greatest victory to date?
To stand up on a surfboard.
4. Words you live by or best advice you've received?
Fear + Creativity = Fun.
5. Favourite weekend activity?
Surf trips down the coast with my precious little dog Gurfy.

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