Smart Leash

Smart Leash Co supplies the highest quality surf leashes and their parts, so you only have to pay for the necessary.  As a proud 1% for the planet member, Smart Leash Co is committed to helping the environment.  By selling leash parts, surfers spend less and reduce landfill.
1. How did you get started?
I started Smart Leash Co because I was so frustrated by the disposable mindset of most surf accessories.  I snapped leashes all the time and was left with lots of left over velcro components etc. I noticed that most leash companies use similar parts that are interchangeable with a fin key, so I thought there must be other surfers out there who don't want to buy a whole new leash everytime they break!
2. What have been some challenges in your business and how have you overcome them?
Trying to juggle finances, a teaching career, marketing, shipping, product design, online store, product shots etc all by myself!
3. What's your greatest victory to date?
Being stocked by Patagonia Australia and USA surf stores!
4. Words you live by or best advice you've received?
Live a life that makes sense to you!
5. Favourite weekend activity?
Surfing, siestas in my van and eating Ozymex Nachos on the corner bench and people watching!

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