Herewith Magazine Issue 001

Designer: Herewith

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This is Herewith 001. Their very first issue ever. And it is graced with the likes of Karina Petroni, Leila Hurst, Bruna Schmitz, Jeffery Jones, Jean Pierrot, vintage artifacts, gems from Hawaii, and many, many more stories, places, and people that you’ll just have to see for yourself. Call it a magazine, but it’s more of a book. And after you peruse the pages, we assure you it will sit pretty on a coffee table for a very long time. 

160 pages. 12.5" x 9.5"

Contributors: Elisa Routa, Johnie Gall, Rhea Cortado, Jasmine Lombardi, Emi Koch, Bruna Schmitz, Leila Hurst, Kristen Walters, Tahnei Roy, Jeffery Jones, Jean Pierrot, Elsa Girault, Megan Villa, Nicolas Landa Tami, Seth C. Brown, Corey Mc Lean, Morgan Maassen, Séréna Lutton, Cait Miers, Brooklyn Hawaii, Amber Mozo, Daniel Russo, Rupert Tapper, Gaby Alexander, Luke Brower...

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