Herewith Magazine Issue 002

Designer: Herewith


Herewith Issue 002 is meant to take you away to a distant place, to another time, back to a feeling you’ve long forgotten. Journey through the Basque country, where people with temporary intentions traveled to then never left. Go back in time with Jeff Divine, then fast forward to where we are now with Jeffery Jones.

Pages are stamped with stories and photos from Aaron Gray, Derek Wood, Rupert Tapper, Luki O’Keefe, Woody Gooch, and many more. We went to the North Shore, Sayulita, Ojai, Hossegor, Bali, Sydney, Biarritz, too many other magical places to recall, scouring countries, meeting inspiring people, all searching for one thing. Sentiment. See for yourself. The pages are there, and are just waiting to be turned.  144 pages.

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