Designer: S E A B O N E S

$100.00 $150.00

We have put together the perfect spring beach pack filled with goodies to get you ready for the warmer months to come.  

This value pack full of essential items includes: 

  • Le MU x Salt Gypsy splash proof travel pouch in Max size. These bags are the handiest items ever. Either keeping your important belongings dry, or stowing the damp items, these pouches have changed our lives for the better. You can even fit a soaking wet full steamer in them!
  • SPF 50+ Sunscreen (your choice of coconut, sensitive skin or the signature lotion) by We Are Feel Good Inc. 
  • A tube of Paw Paw cream by We Are Feel Good Inc - the most important item to take when you leave the house! Perfect for chapped lips, wetsuit rash, sunburn, minor cuts and abrasions - we don't go anywhere without it. 
  • Surf Mud - a non-toxic, Australian made and reef safe zinc
  • Good Surf Wax - the best surf board wax made of beeswax out there! 
  • A lucky dip selection of 10 post cards made by photographer Ming Nomchong - so you can write to you pals and tell them what a killer time you are having on the beach 
  • Sea Bones stubby cooler, because, let's face it, who can't go past a cold beer/cider/kombucha/your choice of thirst quencher! 







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